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DO Journal Release v1.2.0: Writing Prompts, Location Data + Improvements, Bug Fixes

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Introducing Writing Prompts:

Often times, when we are looking to write creatively (i.e. not a daily reflection, or quick status update) we sometimes feel stuck as to what we should write about. Does that happen to you? Well - we have a solution for you:
DO Journal Writing Prompts: Do Journal now comes with over 600 different writing prompts! And with every release, we will add more prompts. But here's how you use Writing Prompts:
You can enable automatic writing prompts (on creation of new entries) via the settings screen. 
DO Journal - Configure the settings to your preferences
Writing Prompts can also be inserted by using the "callout button" (next to the date). Hint:You can click the prompt button multiple times - it will simply replace the old prompt with a new random prompt. The Prompt button only works when the entry is in Edit mode.

Tell us what you think of this new functionality!


Other Improvements:

  • If your PC supports locations, we were capturing and storing your Latitude and Longitude data in your entries. Now we have taken it one step forward: we pull geo-coding data such as place, locality and country from Google and save it with your entries. (Note that none of your data is sent to DO Journal - it always stays with you - on your disk).
  • You'll notice that we now display location and steps on the main screen. We display steps if your entry has that data. (Typically - if you use Day One Classic, your steps data is stored in your entries, if you have authorized Day One to have access to your activity information).
  • We have introduced more Hints across all the screens.
  • The location viewer screen has been enhanced to show the new location information.
  • We have improved the circumstances and mechanism via which the Processing splash screen is shown (for instance, we now show it when you clear your search results and go back to seeing all your entries - as that is an operation that could take time if you have a lot of search results).
  • We now update the status in the status bar more frequently - so you know what is going on during operations.
  • To keep things consistent, all popups / screens open in the center of the main screen now
  • Increased the amount of information shown in the left hand panels
  • A bunch of code cleanup and performance optimization :)


Bug Fixes:

  • We found an issue wherein not all entries that matched query criteria were being shown in the search results. We have now squashed this bug.
  • Our entry writing area was missing a scroll bar! Well no more - now you can scroll away.
  • Ctrl+A in the entry was not selecting the entry text. Now it does. (Note: As with all edit activities, this only works if you are in EDIT mode)
  • Found and squashed an issue that would have caused a minor memory leak (under certain specific circumstances)


Important Note:

Existing customers of DO Journal will get an email in their inbox with a link to download the installer for the latest version of DO Journal. This is an in-place upgrade - which means that you simply download and run the installer and it will update the application. Your existing settings and data will not be affected in any way. If, for some reason, you do not get an email from us (please check your SPAM folder!), just drop us an email to and we will get you sorted out.


Get DO Journal and start your journaling journey today:

DO Journal is a beautiful journal / electronic diary application for Windows that has the capability to maintain multiple journals. While it can be used independently, it can also be used as a Windows PC client for Day One (using Dropbox sync for Day One Classic and the NEW Day One v2 Data Import Tool for Day One v2). 

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