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DO Journal Release v1.4.0: Smarter Image Attachments

Bug Fixes Diary DO Journal Journal PC Update Windows Writing Prompts

DO Journal Images Just Got Smarter!

There have been a couple of things we have been working on related to the image you attach to an entry. To make the images work better in DO Journal, we read the EXIF data from the image (when available) to:
  • Get the location where the image was taken
  • Get the date and time the image was shot
  • Get the orientation of the image

Once we have this information, we ensure that the image gets automatically oriented the right way. Don't worry - we don't modify the original image in any way; we save a copy of the image to your journal.

We then prompt you to see if you want to use the location and date/time info from the image - and if you agree, we update your entry with that information.

Note: If images do not contain EXIF data, the application cannot get the location/date-time/orientation from the image and as such will not perform the actions above. It will simply take and store the image as it was attached.

Tell us what you think of this new functionality!

Other Improvements:

  • If your entry has a writing prompt, it can now be updated in-place - regardless of where it occurs in the entry (no longer has to be at the top of the entry for it to be replaced)
  • The About Screen now has links for you to share DO Journal to Facebook and Twitter. We would appreciate it if you told others about DO Journal - it would mean a lot to us. 

Bug Fixes:

  • We updated the location details acquisition to allow for UTF-8 encoding - so locations with extended/special characters in them will now be rendered correctly.
  • The entry selection in the left hand panel was being lost if the date/time was changed. We have now addressed this. 

Important Note:

Existing customers of DO Journal will get an email in their inbox with a link to download the installer for the latest version of DO Journal. This is an in-place upgrade - which means that you simply download and run the installer and it will update the application. Your existing settings and data will not be affected in any way. If, for some reason, you do not get an email from us (please check your SPAM folder!), just drop us an email to and we will get you sorted out.


Get DO Journal and start your journal / diary journey today:

DO Journal is a beautiful journal / electronic diary application for Windows that has the capability to maintain multiple journals. DO Journal can also be used as a Windows PC client for Day One (using Dropbox sync for Day One Classic and the NEW Day One v2 Data Import Tool for Day One v2). 


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  • Support @ DO Journal on

    Hi Steven – thanks very much for your feedback – it is most appreciated!

    We cannot reproduce your first issue regarding the date as the app shows (in order) – Day of Week, Date, Month-Year, Time.

    We appreciate your usability feedback regarding the date and time – and are going to implement this enhancement in our next release (along with a lot of other things that we are working on). Going forward, you can edit the date and time of the entry and the entry will update only when you move out of the field and will continue to remain editable.

    The default timestamp is always set to the time the entry was created (we will not set it to 00:00:00).

    The purpose of tags is to categorize the entry – so, as an example, any entries in which you address philosophy (in some way) should be tagged with Philosophy. This will allow you to search for entries with Philosophy with them. If you are looking for specific phrases such as “I wonder”, we recommend that you do a Text Search for the phrase. I hope these suggestions are helpful…

    If you have any other questions or suggestions for us, please let us know – or drop us an email to

  • Steven Ogden on

    Hi there,

    I have a few suggestions that would really help me like this program (I’m using Day One as well, but would rather just use yours, since I’m on my desktop a lot more than my phone).

    On the sidebar at the left I can only see the day, time, month and year. It’s perhaps most important to see the date too, but it for some reason it’s not included.

    If I want to correct the time and date of an entry, every single action results in an auto-exit and I have to hit the edit button again and again. I change the hour, it exits. I change the minutes, it exits, etc. Can’t we just do this the way all other software does it… go in, do all the editing you want, then exit?

    It would be nice (especially given my last suggestion) if the default time was 00:00:00. Why even have seconds, anyway? Who ever needs to be that precise about a journal entry?

    Finally, it would be really cool if, instead of just assigning multiple tags to a whole entry, you could actually highlight some text within the entry and tag it. That way if I want to analyze or write about philosophy (for example) I wouldn’t have to read through dozens of documents to find wherever the ‘philosophy’ references are in each. This is especially important when you realise that most sentences about philosophy in a given entry are not likely to include the actual word… ‘I wonder: why, what, if’ sentences are philosophical in nature, but you won’t find that actual word in them.



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