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DO Journal Release v1.6.0: Day One v2 Data Import, PURE Templates, Distraction Free Editor

Day One v2 Data Import Tool

A lot of our users have been asking us to provide a means via which they can import their entries from Day One v2 into DO Journal so that they can have a unified view of all their journal entries in DO Journal. We are pleased to introduce the Day One v2 Data Import Tool that now lets you do just that! Check out the HOW TO guide.

Thanks: We are grateful to one of our users, Michael B., who was kind enough (and incredibly patient!) to work with us on testing out this functionality. Thanks, Michael!!

DO Journal: Day One v2 Data Import Tool

New DO Journal "Pure" Templates

We are pleased to introduce two new templates to DO Journal users. After reviewing multiple templates on the subjects of Gratitude and Productivity and collecting feedback from many folks, we are pleased to introduce two new journal templates.

  • Pure Gratitude: Let's you pick one thing that you are grateful for and helps you dig deep to express your thoughts and feelings about it.
  • Pure Productivity: Gives you a framework to seize the day and be the most productive you can be by helping you plan the day and reflect on your achievements.

Distraction-Free Editor

We have always believed that there should be as little as possible that comes between you and your writing. Our user interface is purposefully minimal in its aesthetic design. We are pleased to now take this even further with our Distraction-Free editor. You will notice a new button on the top of the editor (on the right). Clicking this button will expand the editor to take up the full size of the application. Clicking the same button will revert you back to the normal view. All of the necessary controls will still remain visible.

DO Journal: Distraction free editor for your writing pleasure

 Tell us what you think of this new functionality!

Other Improvements:

  • Significant improvements to performance when scrolling the entries on the left panel. Performance is dramatically better when using the mouse wheel (or fingers on a touch screen tablet) to scroll entries.
  • Significantly reduced the flickering of entries in the left panels list when moving between entries.
  • Improvements to the tags manager to make it more intuitive.
  • Other improvements for stability and overall performance. 

Bug Fixes:

  • Very rarely, users could get an error that a file being read/updated was in use. We have now implemented a fix for that.

    Important Note:

    Existing customers of DO Journal will get an email in their inbox with a link to download the installer for the latest version of DO Journal. This is an in-place upgrade - which means that you simply download and run the installer and it will update the application. Your existing settings and data will not be affected in any way. If, for some reason, you do not get an email from us (please check your SPAM folder!), just drop us an email to and we will get you sorted out.


    Get DO Journal and start your journal / diary journey today:

    DO Journal is a beautiful journal / electronic diary application for Windows that has the capability to maintain multiple journals. DO Journal can also be used as a Windows PC client for Day One (using Dropbox sync for Day One Classic and the NEW Day One v2 Data Import Tool for Day One v2). 


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