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DO Journal - A beautiful journal app + Windows client for Day One

UPDATE: We have moved to a new home! Check out our new web site - Beautiful Life Apps. We have also completely rewritten the journal app - check out Life Journal.


DO Journal is a beautiful and easy to use journal /electronic diary application for Windows. DO Journal if highly secure, comes with a comprehensive set of features and can be used to maintain multiple journals.

DO Journal is Day One Compatible: If you are a Day One user on iOS or Mac OSX, DO Journal can be used as a Windows PC client for Day One (using Dropbox sync for Day One Classic and the new Day One v2 Data Import Tool for Day One v2).

Our customers love the amazing features and functionality of DO Journal. We believe that if you are looking for an easy to use daily journal/diary for Windows you will love DO Journal.

Key Features of DO Journal: (More Details & Screenshots on Features Page)

DO Journal - A beautiful journal/diary app for Windows
A Gorgeous User Interface: A beautiful, easy to use interface that allows you to create and read your journal entries.
Location Viewer: View the location where you created the entry on a map. The address of the location and it's latitude and longitude are shown.
DO Journal - Location Viewer
DO Journal - Image Viewer
Image Carousel: View and navigate the images across all your entries. A distraction free view of only the images across your entries.
Sharing and Export to HTML: You can export any entry to HTML and have it open in a browser - beautifully formatted and ready for you to print or save as a PDF and share. You can also additionally share your entry (or a part of it) via Twitter and Email.
DO Journal - Export to HTML
DO Journal - Settings
Manage your settings: Set up DO Journal to your specific needs.
  • Password protect your entries to keep your journal / diary secure.
  • Enable encryption for maximum privacy of your journal data (read more here).
  • Change the font-face and font-size of the entry text - write the way you like.
  • Specify the location where you want to store your journal entries OR point it to Day One Classic's location on Dropbox to make DO Journal your Windows client for Day One. You can maintain multiple journals / diaries too (see FAQ).
  • Pick from one of 9 different themes & styles (2 dark, 7 light) that change the look and feel of the application.
  • Set a default location to tag your entries with location and weather data (used in case you do not have a location sensor).
  • Enable writing prompts on the creation of new entries - or manually plug in writing prompts for those times when you feel stuck creatively.
  • Write more regularly by enabling reminders.
Search: Powerful and fast search capabilities that allow you to find entries within your journal / diary...
  • specified keywords or text
  • ...containing a specified tag
  • a specified month
  • ...that have images
  • ...that have been *starred*
  • ...on the same day and month in prior years
  • ...randomly - see 3 entries from the past
DO Journal - Powerful Search Capabilities
DO Journal - Tags Manager
Tags Manager: Create new tags, as well as assign/remove the tags for an entry. This will help you categorize your entries. Assign multiple tags to your entries.
Miscellaneous Features:
  • Maintain multiple journals / diaries (one for work, personal, gratitude, etc.) - see the FAQ for details.
  • Import your Day One v2 Data so you can keep it local and even edit/search it.
  • Image orientation is automatically set to the right side up.
  • DO Journal automatically saves entries so you don't have to worry about losing your writing.
  • External changes to the Journal are "sensed", and automatically reflected in DO Journal.
  • Changing the date of an entry automatically re-sorts it. We also get the weather information for the new date/time!
  • Product is regularly updated - see the Release/Update Log.
DO Journal - A beautiful journal app for Windows compatible with Day One