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DO Journal Features

UPDATE: We have moved to a new home! Check out our new web site - Beautiful Life Apps. We have also completely rewritten the journal app - check out Life Journal.


Key Features of DO Journal:

  • A Gorgeous User Interface: A beautiful, easy to use interface that has been built to create an enjoyable journaling experience:
    • Create / edit / review your entries in a distraction free interface (you can set the font for the entry text in the Settings screen - see below) that allows you to focus on your writing.
    • Attach an image to an entry to keep a visual log of what was going on. If images have EXIF data, the image is automatically oriented the right side up and you are also given the option to use the location and date/time info from the image. The provided screen splitter lets you resize the Entry Text and Image sections simultaneously.
    • Feel stuck sometimes about what to write about? Get a writing prompt for new entries (see below)
    • Create mindful reflections using the new Templates for the Five Minute Journal, Pure Gratitude, Pure Productivity and Michael Hyatt's Journal Template. (If you are looking to print out a gratitude journal template, look no further than our Adapted Five Minute Journal Template (PDF - Letter Size) which will let you print out the template and maintain a physical journal.)
    • If your PC is location enabled, entries are automatically tagged with location data so you have a log of where you were when you created the entry. 
    • Using your location and the date and time of the entry, DO Journal also gets accurate and hyper-local weather information and stores it with your entry.
    • Mark which entries are favorites / starred and which are not with a single click ability to toggle the *star* (favorite) status of entries.
    • Create / Assign / Remove Tags for your entries so you can categorize them the way you want to (see below)
    • Enable Reminders to get more regular with your journal / diary writing. The app runs quietly in the tray and reminds you at the frequency you choose.
    • Share your entries (or parts of it) via Twitter or email. But only if you want to - you are in control. The app does not share anything automatically.
    • Secure your journal for maximum peace of mind using AES 256 bit encryption and password protection.
DO Journal - A beautiful journal for Windows (compatible with Day One)
  • Location Viewer: If location information is available for an entry, the location marker button becomes available so you can view the location where you created the entry on a map:
DO Journal - Location Viewer


  • Image Carousel: A full screen distraction free image viewer that shows you the title, date/time of entry and allows you to navigate the images across all your entries:

DO Journal - Image Carousel

  • Writing Prompts: We know that sometimes you get stuck about what to write (especially in terms of creative writing). DO Journal comes with over 600 different Writing Prompts (and more are added every release) to get your writing process kick started. You can also enable automatic writing prompts (on creation of new entries) via the settings screen. Writing Prompts can be inserted by using the "callout button" (next to the date). Hint: You can click the prompt button multiple times - it will simply replace the old prompt with a new random prompt.
  • Templates: Our customers asked us to provide them with some templates that they use often in their journal / diary writing workflow. This is now included in DO Journal. Besides the writing prompts, we now include two templates:
    • The Five Minute Journal Template - based upon the physical five minute journal product, this template will allow you to to create the same journal entries in DO Journal. (If you are looking to print out a gratitude journal template, look no further than our Adapted Five Minute Journal Template (PDF - Letter Size) which will let you print out the template and maintain a physical journal.)
    • Pure Gratitude - Let's you pick one thing that you are grateful for and helps you dig deep to express your thoughts and feelings about it.
    • Pure Productivity - Gives you a framework to seize the day and be the most productive you can be by helping you plan the day and reflect on your achievements.
    • The Michael Hyatt Journal Template - This is another template that seems popular - and we have included it for your use in DO Journal as well.

DO Journal - Templates and Export to HTML


  • Export to HTML and SharingIn the image above the other button that is circled provides the ability to export the selected entry. By clicking on this button DO Journal will export the selected entry to HTML and open it in a web browser for you to view, print or export to PDF (which can then also be emailed). DO Journal also provides the ability to share your entries (or parts of an entry) via Twitter and Email. You get to choose what gets shared - DO Journal never automatically posts on your behalf.
DO Journal - Export your entries to HTML


    • Manage your settings: Make DO Journal your own by setting it up according to your specific needs. 

    DO Journal - Settings

    • Here are some of the settings you can configure:
      • Password protect your entries (when enabled with a password, users will be shown a password challenge screen when starting the application). It is important to note that password protection does not encrypt your entries (so as to maintain full compatibility with Day One Classic). Password protection does add a layer of protection when you are accessing the journal via the application.
    DO Journal - Password Protected
      • Encrypt your Journal Data: We allow you to encrypt your data with AES 256 bit encryption. Please read this blog post for more details.
      • Change the font-face and font-size of the entry text. View and edit your entries in the font you love.
      • Set up a default location to tag your entries with location data and weather in case your PC does not have a location sensor.
      • Specify the location where you want to store your journal entries. If you are looking to maintain multiple journals / diaries, DO Journal lets you do that - just pick a different location to create a new diary / journal. Important Note: If you want DO Journal to be an interface for (i.e. read from and and write to) your Day One Classic entries, please synchronize your entries from Day One Classic to Dropbox, and then point DO Journal to the top level directory of Day One Classic that contains the "entries" folder. Typically, this would be of the form: C:\Users\<user id>\Dropbox\Apps\Day One\Journal.dayone. (See FAQ for details). DO Journal also includes a tool that let's you import your Day One v2 entries into DO Journal.

    DO Journal: Import your Day One v2 entries

      • You can choose to have every new entry started off with a Writing Prompt. If you set this option, every time you create a new entry, a Writing Prompt will be inserted into the entry to get you started.
      • Optionally specify if you want to be reminded to write - and with what frequency. If Reminders are enabled, DO Journal continues to run in the application tray and throws up reminders for you to write at the frequency you specify.
      • Pick from one of 9 different themes & styles that provide different screen look/feel and allow you to work in the way that you enjoy the most. We have 2 dark themes and 7 light themes packaged with the software. Here's a couple of examples of the different themes:

    DO Journal - A beautiful journal for Windows (compatible with Day One)

    DO Journal - A beautiful journal app for Windows (compatible with Day One)

    DO Journal - A beautiful journal app for Windows (compatible with Day One)

    • Search: Powerful, flexible and fast search capabilities that allow you to find entries in your journal/diary with ease...

    DO Journal - Powerful Search

      • specified keywords or text
      • ...containing a specified tag
      • a specified month
      • ...that have images
      • ...that have been *starred* (or favorited)
      • ...on the same day and month in prior years
      • ...randomly - see 3 entries from the past

    • Tags Manager: A tags manager that allows you to create new tags, as well as manage the tags for an entry (assign / remove tags). Tags are a great way to categorize your entries and you can add multiple tags to each entry:

    DO Journal - Tags Manager

    • Some other Cool Features:
      • Maintain multiple journals / diaries (one for work, personal, etc.) - see the FAQ for details.
      • A tool to import your Day One v2 entries into DO Journal so you can maintain your data locally on your PC as well as view/edit/search it using DO Journal.
      • The system periodically keeps saving your entries so you never have to worry about saving anything yourself. And if you have made modifications to an entry, they are automatically saved whenever you change the active entry or exit the program.
      • DO Journal recognizes when changes are made to entries by an external application immediately. So - if you sync with DropBox and you make a change to an entry using Day One or you add an entry via Day One, that entry automagically and instantaneously shows up in DO Journal.
      • Changing the date/time of an entry automatically re-sorts it in the entry list. We also get the weather information for the location of the entry and the new date/time and store it in the entry.
      • The DO Journal Product is regularly updated - view all of the major releases/updates we have made to the system.