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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some frequently asked questions and their responses. If you have a question that is not answered here, please send us an email to DO Journal Support and we will get back to you ASAP.


Q. Is it safe to buy from this web site?

A: We use Shopify to run our e-commerce side of this web site. This means that you can rely on a high degree of scalability and security. Also - none of your sensitive information is stored with DO Journal - it is directly routed to the credit card gateway (we support PayPal and Stripe - both leaders in secure online payments).

Once you place the order and complete the payment, you will receive an email with a link to download the software.

DO Journal has gone thru a stringent certification process with Microsoft and is also available for safe/secure purchase from the Windows 10 App Store as a trusted application.


Q. What kind of support do you provide? What if I have an issue or have an enhancement request?

A. We usually respond to most enquiries within 24 hours (or better!). We also continue to evolve the software on a fairly regular basis and have a lot more features in the pipeline. If you have any questions, want to report a bug or defect, or ask for a new feature, please send us an email to DO Journal Support. We review all incoming email and will respond ASAP (typically in under a day). You can also contact us using Facebook Messenger. Purchasing the software provides you with any updates to the purchased major version of the software free of charge for one year (view our Release/Update Log).


Q. I paid for the product but never got the email with a link to the download.

A. So sorry if this has happened to you. Please check your spam folder to see if you have received an email (Subject: Your downloads are ready). If you have not received such an email from us, please send us an email to DO Journal Support with your order details (including order number and confirmation of payment) and we will get you sorted out right away.


Q. What do you do with my Journal data?

A. We firmly believe that a journal/diary is a very private thing and as such, we do not transmit your Journal data anywhere. All of your data is yours, and stays on your PC.

We do however access the internet via the application for the following purposes:

  • If your location (latitude, longitude) is available, we connect to the Google maps API to get geocoding (address) information so we can store it in your entries. No identifying information other than latitude or longitude is sent to Google for this purpose.
  • We access DarkSky.Net to get weather information for your location. For this purpose also, we send your latitude and longitude information to the API so we can get accurate and hyper-local weather information for you. No other identifying information is sent to DarkSky.Net.

To go one step further, we now allow you to fully encrypt your journal data in-app using AES 256 bit encryption. So your journal data can be secured and kept private from anyone but yourself.


Q. Can DO Journal be used with Day One?

A: Yes! DO Journal works great with Day One. It works bi-directionally with Day One Classic (v1.x) when used in conjunction with Dropbox sync. To set up DO Journal to work with Day One Classic - please do the following:

  1. In the Day One Classic iOS app, please go into Settings -> Sync. Select your Sync Options to be Dropbox. (You will be prompted to authenticate into Dropbox)
  2. On your Desktop in Windows, install the Dropbox client - which will synchronize your Dropbox files to your disk.
  3. Go into DO Journal's settings screen and pick the Dropbox folder where the Day One entries are stored (this is typically - Dropbox\Apps\Day One\Journal.dayone).
  4. That's it! You should now be able to create and read Day One Classic entries. 

DO Journal also works uni-directionally with Day One v2. We have a tool in DO Journal that let's you import your Day One v2 entries into DO Journal. This is a great way to ensure that you keep a copy of your Day One v2 data locally on your PC. Since these are imported into a format that is compatible with DO Journal (and hence Day One Classic), you can view/edit/search these entries using DO Journal.


Q. Do I need to be using Day One to be able to use DO Journal?

A: No - DO Journal can be used independently of Day One. Just pick a place on your disk to store the entries and you are ready to go!


Q: Do you offer data encryption for my Journal?

A: Yes - we offer powerful encryption capability within DO Journal that can be enabled to give you complete peace of mind about the privacy and security of your Journal. Please read this blog post for important details regarding this capability as well as Day One Classic compatibility implications.


Q. Can I maintain multiple journals with DO Journal?

A. Absolutely! Create and use as many journals as you want. Here's how you go about it:

  1. In the Settings screen, select the location on your disk where you want your journal to be stored. Give the folder a name that indicates the kind of journal (e.g. Work, Personal, etc.)
  2. DO Journal will create a journal under that folder.
  3. If you want to create a new journal, simply follow step 1 to create additional journals.
  4. To edit or create entries in a specific journal, simply go into Settings and select the journal you want to work with (pick the appropriate folder - Work, Personal, etc.).
  5. Your entries from that journal will then be loaded into DO Journal and you can create / edit those entries.
  6. You don't have to close DO Journal to edit other journals. Just go into the Settings screen and pick the journal you want to edit.


Q: Can I install DO Journal on multiple machines?

A: Your license for DO Journal is for a single machine. So if you want to install it on multiple machines, you need to purchase DO Journal for every machine that you want to install it on. We do provide bulk purchase discounts, so do get in touch with us if that is of interest.


Q: I love DO Journal and want to gift it to someone. Do you offer gift cards?

A: Sorry - we do not offer gift cards at the moment since Shopify requires that the company be based in USA or Canada to allow gift card sales. 

But there is a way by which you can gift someone DO Journal:

  • Purchase DO Journal as you would normally.
  • Send the email containing the download link to the person you would like to have DO Journal.
  • Send us an email at with the name and email of the person that you gifted DO Journal to. (This is so we can update the record to ensure they get any subsequent updates automatically.)


Q. Can I use DO Journal on a OSX (Mac) or on Linux?

A: DO Journal has been built for a Windows Operating System. That said, we have had some users that have installed DO Journal on Linux and OSX using Wine (or a variant such as Crossover Office).


Q. Do you plan to implement DO Journal on other platforms (i.e. iOS, Android, Mac OSX, etc.)?

A. This is definitely planned and on the roadmap. We are doing some groundwork at this time and will be starting to work on development in early 2017. This will be a ground-up rewrite of the application to make it more consistent across multiple platforms. Stay tuned!